The FloWater Story

Seven years ago at FloWater, we set out to offer the safest and best-tasting drinking water on Earth-- free of contaminants, toxins, viruses and bacteria-- by transforming ordinary tap water with our FloWater Refill Stations into pure, clean water available on-demand to everyone—in their homes and when they are away from home at work, school, working out or traveling. Why? Because we are passionate about the health and well-being of our fellow humans and the health of the only planet we have. And, we want everyone to NEVER have to buy a single-use plastic water bottle again. 



Taking care of our fellow humans

With our new-tech FloWater Refill Stations, we have introduced the most advanced water purification and sanitizing technology ever:

  • Eliminates up to 99% of all toxins, heavy metals, microplastics, viruses and bacteria with the membrane used in FloWater's Advanced Osmosis system.
  • Self-sanitizing with a fully-recessed dispensing nozzle and the most potent sanitizing mechanism available, eliminating any potential cross-contamination.
  • Health enhancements: Added beneficial minerals, alkalized, oxygenated.
  • Better Hydration, which is essential for a healthy immune system to optimize our bodies’ natural defenses for maximum protection.



Taking care of our planet

Since company launch, FloWater and our amazing customers have saved over 305 million plastic water bottles from entering our oceans, lakes, rivers and landfills. We are on target to reach 1 billion saved by the end of 2022.

Join us on our mission. #DrinkFloWater