Frequently Asked Questions

The Water

What is FloWater?

FloWater transforms ordinary tap water into the world’s best-tasting water. The membrane used in FloWater's Advanced Osmosis System removes up to 99% of all contaminants, from heavy metals to chemicals to microplastics to viruses/bacteria.

Why is FloWater better than bottled water?

Among the most prevalent brands, bottled water is mostly tap water that has undergone a basic filtration process. Many recent studies have shown that bottled water contains microplastics, the result of decades of proliferation of needless single-use plastic waste. With FloWater in your home, you get an unlimited supply of incredibly pure water, available on demand, for approximately $2.50 per day - - much less than the cost of your family drinking bottled water at home.

Why is FloWater better than other at-home water filtration options?

FloWater uses a proprietary, advanced 7-stage purification process. Most other at-home water filtration options (refrigerator filters, faucet filters, water pitcher filters) utilize a single stage of filtration.

What does FloWater remove from tap water?

This is a very long list.  Please visit our Technology Page for a more detailed list of contaminants that are removed. However, the general categories are heavy metals, chemicals, toxins, particles, sediments, viruses, and bacteria.

The Refill Station

How much energy does a FloWater Refill Station use?

Refill Stations are very energy efficient. They plug into a standard electrical wall outlet (110 v) and runs off 121 volts, 2.5 amps, 117 watts, and 60hz at max draw. The built-in ambient light sensor goes into sleep mode during periods of low use.

What is the Refill Station made of?

Most of the Refill Station (sides and tanks) is stainless steel. The center fill area is injection molding (an eco-friendly process that reuses scrap materials and generates minimal waste) and the front panels are high strength polycarbonate.

How long will my Refill Station last?

Refill Stations are built for a 10-year life, if maintained properly.

What are the dimensions and weight of a Refill Station?

Dimensions: 16’’ length, 18’’ width, and 68’’ height.

Weight: ~ 125 lbs.

Will the Refill Station ever run out of water?

No. At any time, Refill Stations have 7 gallons of purified water, available on demand. Every time water is dispensed, the Refill Station tanks automatically refill so there’s always fresh, cold, and filtered FloWater available.

Will my water bottle fit within the dispensing area of the Refill Station?

The dispensing area of the Refill Station will easily fit all types of vessels: kitchen glasses, water bottles of all sizes (even 50oz), and cooking pots.

Is the Refill Station ADA Compliant?

Refill Stations comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


How can I keep my Refill Station sanitized?

FloWater Refill Stations have been designed for maximum hygiene and sanitization:

Soft-touch buttons that are flat and can be easily cleaned and wiped free of contaminants with disinfecting wipes.

A large fill area with a fully recessed dispensing nozzle with no bottle contact, eliminating cross-contamination from bottle to bottle.

FloWater Refill Stations contain an ozone-generating device that disperses consistently throughout the day. Ozone is one of the most potent sanitization mechanisms available and is destructive to viruses and bacteria.


Where can I have a Refill Station installed in my house?

There are several options for in-home Refill Station location. Refill Stations have to be installed within 100 feet of a water and drain source, and within 10 ft of a power source (wall outlet).  Typical sources are sinks, refrigerators, and washers. With the 100 ft rule, Refill Stations can be installed in or near your kitchen, pantry, utility room, washer/dryer room, or the garage.

After purchase, we recommend you contact ARS Services to schedule installation. The installation charge will be approximately $300.

What does the installation process look like?

FloWater recommends having the Refill Station installed by a certified plumber or technician. ARS Services, LLC is one recommended installation provider who operates nationally and is familiar with FloWater’s Refill Stations.

An installation/user manual will ship with the Refill Station.

Once you set up a service appointment with ARS Services, LLC, they will talk you through the process of installation and schedule it with you. The actual onsite installation, should take less than 2 hours, depending on desired location.

After purchase, we recommend you contact ARS Services  to schedule installation. The installation charge will be approximately $300.

Can I install the Refill Station myself?

A DIYer with significant plumbing skills could handle the project, though it is recommended to have ARS Services, LLC do the install for you.

An installation/user manual will ship with the Refill Station.

This type of installation may void certain aspects of the FloWater Warranty & Refund Policy.

After purchase, we recommend you contact ARS Services to schedule installation. The installation charge will be approximately $300.

Will I have to see water and drain lines in my home?

No. Depending on your desired installation location, the service technician can run lines behind a wall so they are not visible.  The service technician will work with you to deliver the best possible installation solution.

After purchase, we recommend you contact ARS Services to schedule installation. The installation charge will be approximately $300.

Routine Maintenance

How often will I need filter changes?

Filters will need to be replaced once per year. Filters will be available for purchase at the home.drinkflowater.com site on the Store page. FloWater will send you reminder emails as you approach the 12-month timeline each year.

How much do filters cost?

A complete set of Refill Station filters will cost $375, which includes shipping.

Can I change the filters myself?

We do not recommend changing filters yourself. We recommend calling a local plumber who is trained in handling water filter replacement

What happens if my Refill Station isn't used for a long period of time?

If your Refill Station has not been used for an extended period of time of about 30 days (during a move or while on an extended vacation) a flushing protocol and/or partial filter change may be required. Please contact FloWater Customer Service to discuss options in this situation, 303-416-7278.


How long is a Refill Station under warranty?

Please visit our Warranty page for more details. Click here.

Refund Policy

What’s the Refund Policy for the Refill Station?

Please visit our Refund Policy page for more details. Click here.

Shipping & Delivery

How much does Shipping cost?

The Refill Station ships FREE for all orders at the website.

How long will it take for my Refill Station to arrive at my house?

Refill Stations will arrive within 7-10 days. This will provide you with enough time to schedule the in-home installation.