Water Filtration for Home

Transform Your Ordinary Tap Water Into Something Extraordinary

Introducing the world’s most innovative drinking water filtration system for homes. 

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Municipal Water Supply Is No Longer Cutting It 

Throughout residential neighborhoods, decades-old public water systems are struggling to provide families with safe drinking water. Daily reports of heavy metals like lead and arsenic infiltrating our tap water is a worrying realization. Reducing your exposure to these harmful chemicals is essential to your family’s wellbeing and long-term health.

With Flowater’s advanced 7-step filtration process, you’ll have a home water machine that includes multiple steps of clean water purification and reverse osmosis. This advanced osmosis technology takes ordinary tap water from your home and filters it through a semi-permeable membrane leaving unwanted chemicals and impurities behind. You can rest assured your loved ones are always drinking safe and refreshing water at home with Flowater’s drinking water filtration systems.

Visualizing Flowater’s 7-Step Pure Water Filtration System 

Purification and Advanced Osmosis Technology

Our water filter purification process is completed through three filters within our 7-step filtration process

1.) Sediment Filter

Catches existing dirt, debris, dust, and solid impurities in your tap water or pipes

2.) Activated Carbon Filter

Removes smaller particles, bad smells, unpleasant taste, and cloudy water.

3.) Advances Osmosis

Removes bacteria, chlorine, lead, and other contaminants

The “Improvement” Filtered Water Process
 In the next three stages, the Flowater system sanitizes the water via activated oxygen and improves it through an alkaline water enhancement.

4.) Activated Oxygen

Cleans the tanks and internal system via naturally occurring molecule that removes toxins

5.) Alkaline

Adds a proprietary combination of ten trace minerals and neutralizes acidic water taste by balancing pH levels.

6.) Electrolytes

Adds magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium to strengthen immunity, cell repair, and bone strength 

Coconut Carbon Finish
In the final stage, we incorporate a crisp, fresh taste that further absorbs any remaining contaminants and odors.

7.) Coconut Carbon

Added with real coconut husks, which are highly efficient at catching tiny particles as well as tasting and smelling great

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