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Flowater Brings Your Home

The World’s Best-Tasting Water

Our proprietary 7-stage water purification and enhancement system removes contaminants found in your home’s ordinary tap water and dispenses high-quality drinking water into any reusable container.

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Home Water Filtration System
Your Tap Water Just Got a Makeover

Using state-of-the-art technology in our purified water system for homes, Flowater creates a unique hydration experience with a 7-step filtration process that tastes and feels better than anything you consumed before.

Naturally Brilliant Purified Water for Your Family
Introducing The Most Advanced Purification System on the Market

Flowater’s 7x Advanced Purification takes your existing tap water and removes up to 99% of any pollutants that are typically found in your water source, leaving your home with premium filtered and purified drinking water. We then fortify it even further by adding trace elements of essential minerals and electrolytes and finish it off with a coconut carbon filter for a crisp, revitalizing, and delicious taste.


Our 7x Purification and Filtration Process

Stage 1: Purify

Sediment Water Filter
Traps and removes suspended solids for your tap water.

The sedi-carbon filter is the first line of defense to our 7x Advanced Purification process. This captures and removes particles like dirt and debris as well as flakes of rust that find their way in your water supply.

Activated Carbon Filter
Identifies and removes unwanted taste, odors, dirt, chlorine, and other impurities.

Next, the activated carbon water filter catches smaller particles such as radon, hydrogen sulfide, and contaminants from your existing tap water supply. If you ever wonder why Flowater’s water tastes so good and crisp, you can thank this essential step in the water purification process.

Advanced Osmosis
The evolution of premium purification starts here

Likely the most fascinating step in the water filtration process is our advanced reverse osmosis filter technology, which uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove any remaining impurities such as fluoride, bacteria, lead, viruses, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, and dissolved solids. You can think of it as a spider web, catching all particles larger than it behind.

Stage 2: Improve

Activated Oxygen
Supercharge oxygen molecules within your drinking water

During the fourth step, activated oxygen (O3) raises the oxygen level of water to create a more efficient and absorbent drinking water experience--adding an extra kick of freshness to every sip. This process also sanitizes the tank and internal filter system via a naturally occurring molecule that further removes impurities from consumption.

Alkaline Water Enhancement
Restores calcium, magnesium and other trace minerals while neutralizes acidity

Flowater’s alkaline water filter adds a blend of ten trace minerals to create pH-balanced, alkaline mineral water on-demand. This critical step helps to soothe acid reflux because higher pH levels remove pepsin, which is an enzyme that breaks down protein--the main catalyst to acid reflux. By neutralizing acidity, you relieve added pressure and strain on your internal organs.

The Perfect Re-Hydration Formula Families Need

This sixth filter supports healthy body functions such as immunity, cell repair, and bone strength. With Flowater, you have the same main electrolytes (magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium) found in sports drinks and coconut water.

Stage 3: Finish

Coconut Carbon
The Final Step -- Adding a Crisp, and Refreshing Pure Water Taste

In the seventh and final step in the water filtration system process, we uniquely finish our advanced purification with elements that come directly from Mother Nature. The great-taste addition of real coconut husks -- which is highly efficient at trapping and absorbing any tiny particles of harmful contaminants left -- is the reason Flowater always tastes consistently delicious.


Nothing compares to OUR in-home filtered water machines

Flowater’s water treatment system is not only the more sustainable option, it’s the better tasting and healthier choice, removing most of the impurities typically found in your home’s unfiltered water. Our seven-step filtration process removes trace chemicals and pollutants and adds electrolytes back into your water for advanced hydration and a crisp, refreshing taste you can

Compare FloWater to other in-home water filter solutions

FloWater is the clear choice for your family's home drinking water. For those primarily drinking bottled water at home, consider FloWater as the sustainable choice. FloWater helps protect the environment from needless single-use plastic waste. If properly maintained, your FloWater Refill Station will last for a minimum of 10 years.


In-Fridge Filter
Faucet Filter
Pitcher Filter
Filtration Stages
Removes viruses
Removes bacteria
Adds Electrolytes
Boosts Alkalinity

*Many of these products have a single carbon filter

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