Welcome to FloWater

Welcome to FloWater

We are on a mission to change how the world drinks water. Concerns about tap water quality have led to a plastic epidemic through the rise of a multi-billion dollar bottled water industry. Enter FloWater. We completely transform tap water into the World's Best-Tasting Water - while eliminating single-use plastic bottle waste.

We offer several products for the home: FloWater Refill Stations, the FloWater Faucet Filter, and FloWater 'On The Go' 9 packs in our eco-friendly aluminum bottles. Our goal is to help you find the product that best fits your budget and lifestyle.

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FloWater 'On The Go' 9 Pack

  • FloWater utilizes a proprietary, advanced filtration and purification technology
  • Includes Reverse Osmosis purification
  • 99.9% of all impurities, viruses, heavy metals, and microplastics removed
  • Re-mineralized Alkaline water
  • Final step is a coconut carbon filter that 'finishes' the water for a clean, crisp, and refreshing taste
  • Offered in our eco-friendly Aluminum bottles
Price: $22.49
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FloWater Faucet Tap Filter

  • YOUR TAP WATER CAN BE DELICIOUS. The FloWater faucet filter will transform your tap water into the World's Best-Tasting Water. In a recent survey, 8 in 10 people prefer the taste of FloWater vs. their tap water and leading bottled water brands. FloWater is proven to boost hydration, which is important for overall health and wellness.
  • YOUR TAP WATER CAN BE MUCH CLEANER. The FloWater faucet filter, with its 5-Stage Micro Carbon Block filter, reduces Lead, Mercury, and Arsenic to undetectable levels and reduces Fluoride to a safe PPM concentration (SimpleLab testing Dec 2020).
PRICE : $39.00
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The FloWater Refill Station is EASY TO INSTALLseveral great options for your home

I always struggle to get my kids to drink more water. FloWater has been incredible! The kids love filling their own glasses and are drinking so much more water every day. Kelly Arnold
Weird to say this water tastes amazing…but this water is AMAZING! It tastes so fresh and pure….YUM! Emma Hussey
This water is INCREDIBLE! It’s crazy how different water can taste but this one is super refreshing and crisp. You can feel your body actually absorb it! Nick Metos
I tried FloWater for the first time recently, and I’ve got to say, I love it. You can absolutely taste that its more purified, and I love the health benefits. I would recommend it to anyone! Alex Segell
Getting the electrolytes and minerals that SmartWater has WITHOUT the plastic waste? I love it! Ravi Patel