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Water Unlike Anything You’ve Experienced Before

Completely transform your residential tap water into something your family loves. Eliminate up to 99% of all toxins, bacteria, viruses, and heavy metals.

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Experience the Difference of Advanced Water Purification

Flowater’s 7x Advanced Filtration with Reverse Osmosis is anything but your ordinary water cooler for home. Built with families in mind, our water dispensers offer a fun, simple, clean, and environmentally-conscious way to stay hydrated and healthy every single day. You won’t just taste the difference, you will feel the difference. That is why families are investing in a hot & cold water dispenser for home. Use it to fill up any sized water bottle including a 5-gallon bottle! It's time to ditch the plastic bottled water and get the best water cooler dispenser.

Home Water Dispenser

  • Pricing starts as low as $195/month
  • 7-Stage Water Purification for a crisp and refreshing taste 
  • Alkalized and oxygenated water with added electrolytes 
  • Seamless and efficient ‘touch and refill’ functionality for any water bottle or container
  •  Ultra-purified, perfectly chilled water that removes microscopic impurities and contaminants 
  • Our hot water line feature can be easily activated 
  • Zero cross-contamination with recessed water cooler dispenser 
  • Easily sanitized residential refill station with disinfecting wipe  
  • Simple and efficient to use for all family members

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There’s a New Standard in Residential Water Purification

Flowater exceeds industry standards by offering households the smartest water technology on the market. Thanks to high-end features and meticulous attention to detail--as well as a passion to end plastic pollution and single-use bottles--we’re unmatched by any other home clean water delivery system.

Holds 7 Gallons
On-demand at all times, Flowater’s home water cooler has a capacity to hold seven gallons of purified water which can be used as a cold or hot water dispenser in addition to warm water.

Automatic Refill
Every time water is dispensed, the residential home water dispenser automatically refills the cooler, so there’s always delicious, crisp, and cold water available.

Fast Purified and Filtered Drinking Water
In just 9 seconds, the water system refills a 24-oz bottle (45 seconds faster than the average water fountain or water cooler).

One Size Fits All Refills
Thanks to its large “fill area,” Flowater fits any refillable container, which means you can use anything from a gallon water jug to a coffee mug under the water dispenser to get that water supply.

Self Cleaning Cooler Sanitization
With a recessed home water dispenser nozzle, single-use button, and hidden catchment drip tray, the water cooler has fewer germs, muck, and grime than your standard refill systems. There’s also very little cleaning or maintenance required as activated oxygen provides chemical-free sanitization for the stainless steel tanks and internal system.

Environmentally Friendly
Designed with energy-efficient LED lights, sleep mode, and an internal monitoring system, Flowater runs at low utility usage.

Sleek Design
Innovatively designed with state-of-the-art internal design and unique user experience, Flowater is anything but ordinary. Your home will have a modern and sleek addition that friends and family will love.

Hot and Cold Water Dispensing
You always have access to drinkable filtered water at the optimal water temperature of 42 degrees instead of room temperature water. Or seamlessly touch hot water for coffee and tea. Our water dispenser is also specifically designed for safety so that the hot water spout is internally located which makes this a great.

Home Sustainability
Flowater water filter eliminates the need for plastic bottled water and reduces plastic usage, which means your home is doing its part in being environmentally responsible.

Internal Drain System
Designed with a powerful drain pump and built-in drain system, you will never have to empty a removable drip tray or worry about standing water that produces germs or mold. The addition of a catchment tray reduces dirt build-up and debris from clogging the drain.

Small Home Footprint
Fit’s perfectly in almost every room in the house with a size of 68” x 18” x 16”

Virtually Zero Maintenance
We’ve customized the water cooler so you and your family can work, play, and drink without the stress of added maintenance. Our water systems are set-up by certified technicians and our self-sanitizing features mean there is very little to no added work for you. Invest in a bottleless water cooler to keep your family going with the highest water quality today!

Patent Certified
We hold six international patents.

-FloWater filters are certified to NSF/ANSI 42, 53, 58
-FloWater is certified to ISO9001
-NSF/ANSI certifications: NSF/ANSI 372, 61, 51


Unbeatable Track Record Of Success

Customer research proves that Flowater increases
family wellness and home sustainability.


Will drink more water


Will use a refillable container


Will stop using single-use bottles


Will reduce the consumption of other beverages


Drink Smarter, Feel Happier & Healthier 

Using the world’s best technology and most advanced purification process, Flowater creates a taste and hydrates better than any other home water system or service. Ditch the bottled water dispenser and get a clean water dispenser. Plus, receive great customer service!


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