FloWater 'On The Go' 9 Pack

FloWater 'On The Go' 9 Pack



The World's Best Water: Clean, Great-Tasting, and Plastic-Free

Since its launch in 2013, FloWater has provided over 330 million servings of water through its Refill Stations at thousands of locations nationwide.

For the first time, the same great-tasting FloWater is now available in convenient, 'On-The-Go' aluminum bottles!

FloWater utilizes a proprietary, advanced filtration and purification technology:

  • Includes Reverse Osmosis
  • Removes up to 99.9% of all impurities, viruses, heavy metals, and microplastics
  • Re-mineralizes and Alkalizes the water
  • A coconut carbon filter 'finishes' the water for a clean, crisp, and refreshing taste
  • Offered in eco-friendly Aluminum bottles

*Recycling rates for single-use plastic bottles are declining, and an estimated 35 billion plastic water bottles end up in our landfills, oceans, and waterways each year. Ditch plastic and make the sustainable choice with FloWater!*



    We are changing the business of plastic bottled water with something better: the world's best water from FloWater's 7x Advanced Filtration with Reverse Osmosis in our eco-friendly aluminum bottle. You can help eliminate the environmental waste of single-use plastic every time you purchase FloWater. Together, we can crush the business of plastic bottled water. @DrinkFloWater