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Transform your tap water into Clean, Great-Tasting, and Plastic-Free Drinking Water

  • Clean: Guaranteed to remove or reduce 80+ known contaminants
  • Great-tasting: 8 in 10 prefer FloWater vs. tap water
  • Plastic-Free: Eliminate single-use plastic bottle waste
  • Savings: Save $700/year vs. the cost of drinking bottled water at home
  • Fast-Fill Experience: Provides 2X the flow rate vs the typical faucet filter
  • 5-stage micro carbon block filter process
  • Easy to use for every member of the family
  • Easy to install and works on most faucets with included adapter kit

Non-compatible faucets

Flo Faucet FAQs

What is the Flo Faucet?

Flo Faucet is a sustainable, clean way to get great tasting water directly from your faucet at home. Flo Faucet transforms household tap water by removing or reducing 80+ known contaminants all while providing an affordable, filtered water option without the plastic waste.

Will Flo Faucet fit my faucet?

Yes, the Flo Faucet fits most standard faucets and comes with two adapters should you need them. Note: the Flo Faucet is not compatible with a pull-down faucet.

How often do I need to replace the filter cartridge?

The filter cartridge needs to be replaced every 3 months.

How do I buy replacement cartridge filters?

Conveniently through our website, you can order the filter cartridge replacements. Each order comes with 2 filter cartridges providing you with clean water for 6 months.

What does this product cost?

Flo Faucet - $99.00

Filter Replacements- $49.99 (2 Filter Cartridges)