What Is The Best pH Level of Water For Drinking?

16.06.2020 0
What Is The Best pH Level of Water  For Drinking?

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recommends that the pH level of water sources should be at a pH measurement level between 6.5 to 8.5 on a scale that ranges from 0 to 14. The best pH of drinking water sits right in the middle at a 7. Water that has a pH range outside of this recommendation may be a sign that the water contains heavy, toxic metals or chemicals due to a higher pH level. 

The acidity found in the body can be the result of several factors, including the water you drink. The environment, stress, and an unbalanced diet can all cause increased acidity, which can result in extra stress on your internal organs. Too much acidity in the body has been linked to reduced bone density and may increase problems with the liver or heart. In extreme cases, acidosis may occur, which can lead to extenuating health problems that range from headaches and fatigue to shortness of breath and rapid heart rate. This is why the pH value of drinking water is incredibly important to know and can be done by water testing a water system or collecting a water sample. There are many ways to do water testing including at-home tests and kits. This can help you determine if you want to get a kitchen sink water filter or to be aware of urban water pollution.

Water that has been marked with a high acidity level likely hasn’t gone through proper filtration measures and still contains pollutants like pesticides and chemicals that pose you to health risks and make it unsafe to drink. This can also be the result of outdated pipes and water systems that have corroded or are made of older materials like lead and copper. It can also lead to other contaminants in your drinking water. Regular water with a high acidity level that falls below a 7 (low pH) on the pH scale will also likely carry an odor and not taste as clean as water that’s ready to drink.

On the other end of the scale is alkaline water which has a pH of 8 or above. For many people who are trying this drinking water pH, health effects have been favorable. There are some reports that indicate alkaline water can benefit people who have acid reflux, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Hard water or mineral water tends to be higher on the pH scale than pure water (which is neutral water) or acidic water. Although, the Mayo Clinic says there needs to be more investigation and information to verify these claims and determine what alkaline water is good for in the long-term. 

Overall, the pH of freshwater fluctuates depending on the weather, human activity, and other natural reasons. But a main question revolves around what an unsafe pH? According to UCLA Health, there is more significant risk with acidic water or water with a pH lower than 6.5.  This water can erode pipes and lead to exposure of metals such as lead, copper, and magnesium which can be toxic in high amounts. In terms of alkalinity, even a pH of above 8.5 is still probably safe to drink but can sometimes cause skin problems and will taste bitter.

Given this information, this is why it’s important to make sure the water we are drinking is either at the right pH level and avoid high alkalinity or that it’s purified water.

Purified Water With The Perfect pH Value

Tap water treatments and bottled water are nothing new, but these are only two ways people are consuming filtered water. The purpose of FloWater is to purify tap water but also help to neutralize its acidity. The specialized alkaline filter, which is part of FloWater’s advanced multi-step filtration process, adds its own blend of minerals to the water to raise pH levels to prevent it from leaning toward the acidic side. 

Additionally, the activated oxygen filter helps to sanitize the water tanks and internal system to remove any impurities that may affect the pH balance as it makes it way through the pipes to the tap and into a refill station. The combination of technology and attention to detail ensures the water purification system removes up to 99% of sediment, impurities, and contaminants while balancing the pH level and adding in electrolytes. With a filtration system that’s specifically designed to create the purest, most pH balanced, and best tasting water possible, it covers all the bases of what people want to stay hydrated.

Benefits of FloWater on the pH Meter

In addition to its purpose of neutralizing the pH level of water, FloWater provides advanced purification for water that serves as a benefit to people’s health, taste preferences, and the environment. In certain filtration systems, such as reverse osmosis, there’s no differentiating between what gets filtered and what stays. As a result, sediment and pollutants are filtered out but so are electrolytes like calcium and magnesium. FloWater’s electrolyte enhancement filter ensures these important elements are added back to the water, in addition to potassium and sodium.

Secondly, people typically steer clear of drinking water because of a lingering taste or odor, a problem that’s resolved through FloWater’s seven filter solution. It removes solids and chemicals but removes unpleasant odors and tastes that typically turn people off through the use of the natural coconut husk water filter. There’s no need for artificial flavors or additives to make for great-tasting water.

Finally, plastic bottled water is still one of the main sources of hydration and is consumed at an alarming rate. Plastic waste ends up in the ocean or landfills without being recycled, which has caused a huge impact on the environment and continues to raise concerns for the future of the planet. With an alternative that doesn’t require the use of a plastic bottle, there’s little energy that’s required to produce purified, pH balanced water for all. In order to combat plastic water bottles, you can get a purified water system for home and use a refillable steel water bottle to cut down on plastic waste.

As a result, airports, gyms, hotels, and other businesses and organizations are starting to understand the profound impact that a solution like FloWater provides, such as a touchless water dispenser, especially in areas where people need it most. In order to meet the demand of those who want to drink water that’s readily available at all times, FloWater’s Refill Stations accommodate a high capacity of people through speedy auto-replenishment and a rapidly filtered water dispenser.

The way water is filtered makes a difference in how it affects your body. Stay hydrated with water that is designed specifically for all aspects of your health including helping to balance your body’s pH levels.